Eviction - Reasons & Rules for forcible ejectment

Acceptable Reasons

  1. The resident is not active enough within the town. Read about Inactive Residents.
  2. The resident has broken TOWN rules. (that may differ from server rules)
  3. The resident is banned from the server for at least one month.
  4. The resident is negative in Dei and can't pay daily taxes. (The mayor will receive an in-game mail about this.)
  5. The resident refuses to comply with instructions given by town staff.
If the resident is actively griefing the town and you need to kick the resident FAST, Kick them! Take lots of screenshots! You must still offer the member their items!

Guidelines for eviction steps

Your mayor must be aware of the process, send him/her a mail also!

  1. Send the resident an eviction notice through In-game mail.
  2. Wait 10 days, during this time the resident can appeal a ban, respond, or collect his/her items.
  3. After the 10 day period with proper notice, you are allowed to kick the resident from the town.
This doesn't mean you can steal their items, you must hold the items until they claim them, or the 30 day holding period is over.

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