Enchantment on ImDeity Kingdoms

To be able to enchant items, you must first have a class. Enchantment in the Kingdoms is somewhat restricted, to be able to fully apply the class and ranking system. The restrictions are as follows :

  • Craftsman can enchant weapons, tools and armor.
  • Merchant can only enchant weapons
  • Nobility can only enchant weapons.
Only Craftsman are able to enchant tools such as pickaxes, axes, shovels, hoes and armor. Weapons such as swords and bows are able to be enchanted by all the classes.

All classes are able to place enchantment tables. However the public enchantment tables still exist, and can be used. To get to the public enchantment tables you will have to visit the Wizard's University. Do /main and go into the first road available on your left side. Just follow the signs to the Enchantment Hall inside the Wizard's University. There are three tables currently: 2 upstairs and 1 downstairs. The one downstairs goes up to level 30 enchantments. One of the two upstairs goes to enchantment level 23, the other isn't available for use. If you do not know where the Enchantment Hall is (although if you follow the signs it is pretty clear), you can always ask fellow players to help you to find it.


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