Dial T for Tybalt

Tybalt - Operative
Pennybags - Informant
Benedict - Spymaster
Do-Of-Eas - Villain
Vulcanos - Gadget supplier

The sound of a hammer hitting a sword resonated throughout the quiet village. Sweat dropped down Tybalt's forehead as the heat from the furnace flared behind him. "That's a beaut, if do say so myself," He said aloud as he held up a finished diamond sword that glowed in the sunlight.

Suddenly, a beeping sound was heard. Tybalt looked around quickly to make sure no one was around before attending to the beeping sound. A screen with Pennybags' face flashed on top of his workbench.
"Code Mooshroom. I repeat, Code Mooshroom." Pennybags said with urgency in his voice. Tybalt knew what Code Mooshroom was. Code Red.
"Is it a cloudy day?" Tybalt asked.
"Nope. Clear skies today." Pennybags replied. They weren't talking about the weather. How "cloudy" the day was really how many people were in ImDeity Kingdoms at that time.
"Alright. Agent T out." Tybalt said before switching off the screen.

Tybalt bolted into his house and quickly strapped on his jet pack.
"Sigh, another day, another dei." He grabbed his harpoon gun before flying into the sky. As he flew, he contacted Benedict on his watch.
"Talk to me." Tybalt said without expression in his tone.
"Do-Of-Eas is stirring up trouble again." Benedict said, shaking with fear.
"Say no more. Tybalt out." Tybalt knew Do-Of-Eas from day one. He was a being generated from all the hate of ImDeity's banished. Over the years, more hate garnered and Do-Of-Eas became a lot stronger.

Tybalt arrived at ImDeity's statue and stood on Deity's head, ready for action. For years, unaware to all Deitians even ImDeity, Do-Of-Eas has been planning to overthrow ImDeity and time after time, Tybalt has thwarted his plans.
Tybalt looked around the seas. They were calm. Not a single wave rose above than one block. This could have fooled anyone, but not Tybalt. He knew all about Do-Of-Eas and his deceptions.
Suddenly, the waves in the distant began to rise twenty, no! Fifty blocks in the air! Few thoughts ran through Tybalt's mind.
"Right on cue." Tybalt loaded his harpoon gun with an exploding harpoon. "Lock and load."
The waves grew higher and higher as they approached the docks. Just as they were about to crush ImDeity's statue, the waves came to a stop. Water came crashing down to reveal a large blue squid with hate in its eye. It said nothing and neither did Tybalt. Suddenly, Do-Of-Eas lashed out with his tentacle, intending to wipe Tybalt's head clean of his shoulders. Fortunately, Tybalt dodged the swing just in time. Unfortunately, the tentacle swing knocks ImDeity's statue's head off.
"That's going to leave a mark," Tybalt mumbled, looking at where the statue's head used to be.
Out of nowhere, another of Do-Of-Eas' tentacles knocks Tybalt from behind causing him to drop his harpoon gun.
"No!" Tybalt watched in horror as his gun fell into the ocean, too fast for him to chase after. Turning around, he faced the squid. The squid was no doubt made up of hate. It reeked of hate. "Rotten flesh from zombies smell like flowers compared to you, bub." Tybalt said, unarmed but undaunted, as he stared the creature from the deep in the eye.

Tybalt zoomed back to the docks with the giant squid in hot pursuit. Spotting a box full of TNT that was used by miners on the docks, Tybalt wasted no time in loading the TNT into the cannons of a nearby warship. The squid inched closer as Tybalt ran about with his plan in mind. He angled the cannons so their line of fire would intersect but at same time, not too close to the docks. He placed redstone on the floor of the ship and interconnected them with a lever so that the cannons would go off at the same time. Tybalt calculated the distance of the squid and time to fire the cannons. If he miscalculated, ImDeity Kingdoms would be destroyed.

Tybalt felt tingling in his brain. It was time, now or never. "Hasta la vista, baby" Tybalt muttered as he pulled the lever causing the cannons to give off. The TNT flew through the air and exploded right in Do-Of-Eas' large eye. The great beast fell into the ocean and the waves returned to their peaceful, calm state once more.

Tybalt's watch began beeping. It was Pennybags. "Code Enchanted Mooshroom! Left cloud and right cloud overhead and they're headed to your place!" Left cloud was code for xSock because he on Deity's left and right cloud was code for Smcallah because he's on Deity's right.

Tybalt flew in the air in the direction of his workshop. As he flew, he continued talking to Pennybags. "Say, Penny. Deity's statue had some unneeded renovation. Could you?
"Say no more, compadre. Pennybags has got it covered."
"Yes, but the costs?"
"Hey, do you know who you're talking to? The only guy in ImDeity Kingdoms who SWIMS in money. I'll have it fixed before any Deitian notices."
"Thanks, Penny. Oh, and tell Vulcanos he needs to add a strap to his weapons next time. I lost my favourite harpoon gun in the ocean. Tybalt out." he said as he switched off his watch.
He was almost there when his jet pack ran out of fuel. "Ah, nether!" Tybalt said as he started going into a nose dive. Tybalt took his jet pack off and crashed through the roof of his workshop. He quickly got up and grabbed his hammer just as xSock and Smcallah turned around the corner.
"Good day to you, my lords." Tybalt said as he nodded. The two admins nodded at Tybalt as they carried on with their conversation, oblivious to the fact that there was a hole and a jet pack with smoke coming out of its rockets on top of Tybalt's workshop.
Tybalt grabbed a rusty sword and used his tools to make it gleam in the sun again. "Another day, another dei!" Tybalt sang as he worked.

(Story by eriqmerc, thanks for writing!)

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