Creating A Town

Creating a Town

To form and maintain a town, you will need coin. And the place where your town will be founded should be, like all other buildings, over 300 blocks away from any existing town. (Read more about Town Property.)

The cost of forming a town is currently 50,000 Dei. Towns can only be founded by the Nobility class!

When you have enough coin, stand in the center of your town and use the following to create the town:

/town create [Town-name]

Congratulations, you now own your own town!

Managing a Town

Town Stats

To view information on your town, use: /town info
To view the information for another town, use: /town info [Town-name]

Adding Residents

Inviting and adding of residents to your town is be done via the Portal page under the Town section. This is where people browse, find, and apply for a town.

Players click the "Join YourTownNameHere" button to request to join a town. The mayor of your town will receive an in-game mail about the town join request. You can accept or reject the application of the player from your town's page. Mayors and and assistants should check their town page for new town join requests at least every 24 hours to accept or reject the pending join requests.

When you accept a town join request, the player is automatically added to your town and sent a /mail on your behalf notifying the player of the approval. The town staff members should meet him online ingame or communicate via /mail in-game as soon as possible to give him a tour, notify them of any town rules and assign them a plot.Note: Adding someone from in-game is not possible -- all town joins are now handled through the Town Portal page!

Adding Assistants

Assistants are people who have the same power as the mayor and can do many of the same commands that the mayor can do. You will likely want at least one assistant so that your town runs smoothly even when you're not online. However it is the mayor's responsibility to fully trust any assistant because of the power granted an assistant.
To add an assistant type:
/town promote [Player-name]

Expanding your Town Area

When you first make your town, it will automatically claim a 16x16 area as your town. To expand this, you will need to claim additional areas. To claim an area, move in an attaching plot then type: /town claim

If it worked, you should see a message saying "Yournamehere has claimed a new area". If it says anything else, then it means you walked too far from the homeblock or the last area claimed.

Only areas claimed in your town will be protected from griefers. Each 16x16 block claimed will cost a one time fee of 500 dei (politician class pays a reduced price).


Town Taxes

The server will collect taxes from your town each day. The current combined tax rate is 200 dei per day plus 2 dei per plot claimed, so you will need to make sure you keep dei in your town bank.

To deposit money into your bank type:
/town deposit [Dei-amount]

Your town bank balance will go into debt if there is not enough money to pay taxes. Once your town has a debt of 5000 dei or more, your town will be scheduled for possible auction or deletion. To keep your town, the debt must be paid and taxes always paid. The best way to solve this is to tax your residents the appropriate amount to pay your taxes every day. Or at least deposit the money needed to keep the town bank balance positive.

Towns with mayors and staff inactive for >45 days may be deleted or auctioned off as well, even if the town bank is at a positive balance.

A town that is deleted will have the land that the town modified regenerated to its original state. Excellent builds will be spared per Admin discretion.

Once a town is deleted or auctioned for back taxes, there is absolutely no way to get it back and there are no refunds.

Resident Taxes

Resident tax defaults to a minimum of 2 dei per day and can be set to a maximum of 30 dei per day. The mayor and assistants do not pay resident taxes, so keep that in mind if trying to cover town tax with resident tax income.
A mayor will receive a daily mail in which the residents are named who can't afford to pay taxes. It is up to the town staff whether to kick people from town with this reason. (More information about Inactive Residents)

You can only set the resident taxes via the portal page, you will have to be a mayor to do it.
Go to your town's portal and click on: Edit your town info >>. Here you can put in the amount you like.

Note: If a resident of a town griefs his own town, he has to be punished by the town staff, because this is a Town Matter. The town itself has to take care of the damage that has to be done and deal with it! For extensive griefs, you can make a ticket though. To read more about rights and duties of a town staff read Town rights and duties.

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