Craftsman Fees and Perks

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Craftsman Class Ranks & Requirements

Rank Registered Time* In-Game Time Forum Posts Sever Votes Dei Cost [url=quests]Quest XP[/url] Creative Rank
Rank 0 (Worker) 2 Days 2 Hours 2 Posts 2 Votes 200 Dei Not Required Not Required
Rank 1 (Laborer) 5 Days 5 Hours 5 Posts 5 Votes 1000 Dei 10 xp Rank 1 (Constructor)
Rank 2 (Artisan) 14 Days 15 Hours 20 Posts 14 Votes 3000 Dei 30 xp Rank 3 (Builder)
* Server Donors skip this requirement.

Note: Once you choose this class, your rank in it is 0, Worker. Perks from your class start at rank 1.

Craftsman Placement Fees

The Craftsman is the only one who can place water, redstone and some other blocks. Here is a full list of the blocks that only Craftsmen can place and their fees:

Detector Rail
5 Dei
10 Dei
12 Dei
Powered Rail
5 Dei
5 Dei
Redstone Block
5 Dei
Redstone Comparator
5 Dei
Redstone Dust
3 Dei
Redstone Repeater
3 Dei
Redstone Torch
3 Dei
Redstone Lamp
25 Dei
10 Dei
Activator Rail
5 Dei
Daylight Sensor
25 Dei
15 Dei
25 Dei
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Note: Lava buckets, sticky pistons, dispensers and a few more blocks cannot be placed! Click [url=unplaceable-items]here[/url] for a complete list.

Craftsman Specialities

Laborers (or higher) can make special facilities that peasants or members of other classes cannot make:

Enchant Tools & Armor: Craftsman Rank 1 and above are the only players with the ability to enchant Armor, Books, Pickaxes, Shovels and Fishing Rods.
Other classes are allowed to enchant Swords, Axes and Bows only.

Potion Brewing: Laborers+ have access to Brewing Stands and potion brewing. Other players have the ability to place brewing stands, but cannot place/remove potions/ingredients from it.
Lift Signs: Place signs that teleport players up or down like an elevator!
Click here to find out how!
To place a lift you need two signs placed exactly above each other (same X and Z coords, different Y):
In the second line of your sign, write either [Lift up] or [Lift down], if you want the user to go up or down, respectively.

This is what a lift sign looks like (leave the "<>" out):

Tips and Tricks:
The first line can be used to say the name of where the player is going to, i.e. "First Floor", this name will be printed on the user's chat when the lift is used.

Anything written in the 3rd and 4th lines of the sign will have no effects on your lift. You can leave them empty or write anything you want the user to read.

You can also make arrival only signs by writing only [Lift] on the second line. The player will be able to teleport to this sign, but not to teleport elsewhere from it.

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