Commands Overview

Command Help

How to use help:
  • Command help can be accessed by typing the command and then the word help or a ?. Example: /town help
  • Commands with many sub commands will have multiple pages of help. You can access these additional pages by specifying the specific page you want. Example to get page 2: /town ? 2

Player/Resident Commands

    Note: In all the commands you can write /res instead of /resident as well!
  • Personal information (Money, Online Friends, Class & Rank, Town Staff Rank, Online status): /resident info
  • Other player's personal information: /resident info [Player-name] -o
  • To see your full friends list: /resident info -o
  • To see the friends list of an online player: /resident info [Player-name] -o
  • Adding a friend into your friends list: /resident add-friend [Player-name]
  • Removing a friend from your friends list: /resident remove-friend [Player-name]
  • This will change your gender for titles: /resident set gender [Male/Female]
  • To see who is online /who or /online in your world. To sort it out for the different world types /glist showall
  • To pay another player: /pay [Player-name] [Dei-amount]


Most town and kingdom transactions are tracked already. Many others are not, such as auctions, mall. We'll work on adding those soon.
  • To pay another town (when you don't live in the town) /money pay town-[Town-name] [Amount] (i.e.: /pay town-Camelot 200)
    [Any Dei donated to start a town, or to the town by any person becomes property of the town. You do not have the right to ask for that money back.]
  • /kingdom ledger - can be viewed by any kingdom staff
  • /town ledger - can be viewed by any town staff
  • /res ledger - can be viewed by the resident

Town Commands

There are different pages for Commands For Residents and Commands For Town Staff.

Spawning and Warp Commands (Free of Cost)

  • Main kingdoms World/main
  • Mining World (to gather resources for Main world)/mine
  • Hub World (vanilla minecraft)/hub
  • PVP World (factions)/pvp
  • Creative World/creative
  • To return to spawn location on any world/spawn
  • PvP Arenas in Main World/go pvp
  • Player-owned Mall shops/mall
  • Server-owned Mall shop/go shop

Note: When in the Mining world typing /spawn will return you to the Mining World central location. To return to the normal world simply use /main. These are free warps.

Chat Commands

Note: All Global Channels are heavily monitored. They follow the server rules.
  • Global channel: /g to quick message
  • PvP channel: /ch pvp to lock your channel to PvP. Only those on the PvP server can see it.
  • Help channel: /h to quick message
  • Off-Topic channel: /ot to quick message
  • Local channel: /l to quick message players in an area of 200 blocks to you
  • Trade channel: /trade to quick message
  • Recruit channel: /recruit to quick message
  • Town channel: /tc to quick message
  • Kingdom channel: /kc to quick message
  • Tell channel/Whisper talk: /tell [playername] [message] to quick message a specific player. To stay in this chat (set focus on it) send the first /tell [playername] without a message. To get out of the whisper talk simply type /tell and press Enter. To quick reply to the last person who spoke to you, do /r
  • To join any of these channels simply use /ch join (G) or (L) etc.
  • To leave a channel simply use /ch leave (G) or (OT) etc.
  • To continue to speak in a channel, only needing to hit enter simply use /ch (G or L) etc.
  • It is highly recommended to only join L or TC channels as not everyone needs to see what you say at all times.

All further Information regarding chat channels and their use can be found here.

Mail Commands

  • See a list of unread mail /mail
  • See a list of read mail /mail inbox read
  • Look at all mail in the inbox via /mail archived or /mail a
  • Read a mail /mail read
  • Delete a mail /mail delete
  • Send a new mail /mail send

Note:The fields required in the read and delete commands are the numbers to the left of the mail you want to read/delete when viewing your inbox.

ImDeity Ticket System

If you are griefed, stolen from or have any other issues that the staff has to help with, you can just file a ticket. One of the staff members will look into it as soon as possible.

When filing a ticket, you should stand where the crime/problem took place so staff can easily get there. Then you type /ticket new (text here). Instead of "(text here)", you have to place the reason why you write the ticket. Since there is not too much space, keep it short but informative. If you press enter, you get a ticket number. If you need to add some information to the ticket, you use /ticket comment # (comment here). Instead of "#" you put the ticket number.

If you have submitted a ticket, you should note the ticket number so that you can look up what happened to your ticket later on. Staff may ask you, through it, for further information or answer your question. You can get help with the commands of the ticket system by using /ticket ?.

NOTE: Abuse of the ticket system may cause a jail sentence. You will find more information about how to make an effective ticket at here.

Donator Commands

NOTE: Please be aware that the accessable commands differ per donation rank.
  • Fly: Use the command /fly (every donator has access to this command)
  • Set of tools and porkchops: Type /kit sponsor, /kit diamond or /kit gold every 6 hours (Gold, Diamond Donators and Sponsors have access to this command)
  • Sethome: Use /sethome (one /sethome per world) and use /home to spawn back there. Only Donators have unlimited use of the /home command
  • Teleport to someone: Use /tpa PlayerName to teleport to your friend or anyone else on the server with his/her acceptance! The other is asked to type /agree or /deny (Diamond Donators and Sponsors have access to this command)
  • Virtual Chest!: Type /chest to open up your own private, protected chest that travels with you!
    (Diamond Donators and Sponsors have access to this command)
  • Virtual Workbench!: Type /workbench whereever you are to open up a virtual workbench to craft items! (only Sponsors have access to this command!)
  • Lock chests with LWC: Use /cprivate to lock up any (double) chest of your choice anywhere on the map! (Gold, Diamond Donators and Sponsors have access to this command)
  • Type /ascend or /descend to instantly teleport to a higher or lower level! (only Sponsors have access to this command!)

Protection Stones
  • They're tied to chunks (and thus also town plots), so they're now 16x16 and extend from Y 0-254
  • Place a DiamondBlock to create a protection field
  • Break the block to remove the field or type /stone toggle to disable it but leave the stone.
  • You can add/remove friends to a stone via: /stone allow /stone allowall /stone deny /stone denyall
  • /stone setY will let you customize the Y levels that are protected. ie: /stone setY 50-53 will protect 50, 51, 52, 53. All other heights in the chunk will be unprotected
  • Only one stone can be active per chunk
  • Stones can be removed by the owner, server staff, or the mayor (if you placed a stone on a town plot).
    • If a stone is removed by a non-owner then the owner will be sent a /mail to inform them of who did it.
  • You can use /stone list and /stone navigate to have a compass guide you to your stones.
  • /stone info will show you info about the chunk you're on.

More about donations and perks on the Premium page.

Commands for other Worlds

Commands for the Creative World:

Go to all commands for the Creative World.

Commands for the PvP World:

Go to all commands for the PvP World.

Commands for the FTB Server:

Go to all commands for the FTB server.

Misc Commands

To buy a lottery ticket (drawn daily)

/lottery buy [1-50]
You can buy multiple tickets. They are currently 10 Dei each.

Command to join the War:

To join the Deity War just type /go war and you will be ported to the next war.

As The Server Updates and Changes this Guide will follow in style. Please send a private message via the forum to the Head Moderator Gwenhywar.

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