Commands For Town Staff

Town Staff Commands

  • To create a town with you as mayor: /town create [Town-name]
  • The command /town distance tells you how far you are from the edge of a town.
  • To claim a new town plot: /town claim
  • To unclaim a town plot you are standing on: /town unclaim
  • Kicking a resident from your town: /town kick [Player-name]
  • To eject a player from your town: /town eject [player-name]. The player cannot enter the town again until server restarts. You cannot eject server staff, the king, or any resident of the town. Only town staff can execute the command.
  • Changing your town board: /town set town-board [Message]
  • To change the default plot price of the town: /town set plot-price [Amount]
  • This will change the town spawn location: /town set spawn
  • Mayors can rename their town by /town rename [new-name]. The renaming costs 5,000 dei.
  • This will restrict players to spawn in your town to residents only or not: /town set public [on/off]
  • To withdraw money from the town's bank: /town withdraw [Dei-amount] (Senior Assistants+ only)
  • To promote a town resident to a staff rank: /town promote [Player-name]. Only Lords+ can be Mayors or Co-Mayors of towns above Village rank and there can be a total of three Co-Mayors.
  • To demote a town staff to a lower rank: /town demote [player-name]. Senior Assistants can demote Assistants, Mayor can demote all.
  • You can and will be punished if the server staff feels you're abusing any commands.


  • To add a town warp: /town warp add [Warp-name] (Senior Assistants+ only)
  • To remove a town warp: /town warp delete [Warp-name] (Senior Assistants+ only)
  • Set whether a warp is public or private /town set warp [Warp-name] [private|public] (Senior Assistants+ only)
  • Town staff can set a warp to private by doing /t set warp warpName private
  • The public/private warp status is displayed via colors on the /t warp list command.
  • Viewing a town's public warps can be done via /t pwarp list townName.
  • Warping to a town's public warp is done like so /t pwarp townName warpName.
  • Newly created warps will default to public.

Town Add

To add someone to the town ingame mayors and senior assistants type /t add [name]. The player must be within 10 blocks while the command is typed and within 150 blocks of their town spawn. The player can /accept or /deny. The player will be kicked from town if they do not register within 7 days, if that happens player and mayor get a mail. The player cannot claim plots until they've registered.
Do not send requests to players if you haven't talked to them yet. Abuse of the command will be punished.

Plot Commands

Plot Selling & Claiming

  • To claim a plot for yourself, if it is set for-sale: /plot claim
  • To unclaim your plot on which you are standing: /plot unclaim (Assistants+ can do this command for every town plot)
  • To set a plot for-sale with the default price: /plot fs (Assistants+)
  • To set a plot for sale with a custom price: /plot fs [Dei-price] (Assistants+)
  • To remove the sale of a plot: /plot nfs (Assistants+)
  • To see a list of all plots that are owned by a certain resident /plot list [resident].
  • To get guided navigation to a specific plot of a resident, type /plot navigate [resident] [plot-id]:
    1. Must do the command with an empty hand (not holding anything in game)
    2. You will be given a compass that will point to the center of the requested plot
    3. Head towards the compass until you're there.
    4. If you change your mind and want to cancel you can just drop the Compass or switch inventory spots and it'll be deleted.
    5. Punch the air with it to have it tell you how far you are from the destination.
  • To get info about the plot you are on, type /plot info This shows you info about the town, resident, pvp, mob spawning, for sale, price, permissions.
  • To see the plot info for a special plot ID, type /plot info [plot ID].
  • To mark a plot as town staff or owner of a plot, type /plot mark. Town staff can mark any plot within 300 blocks of the edge of the town (unless another town owns it). It will place 1 piece of cobblestone at each corner of the plot on your current Y level. It will only place the cobblestone if the destination is an Air block, so that it wont disrupt your existing builds.
  • To unmark the edges it is /plot unmark. Same as /plot mark for the most part. It will only remove the markers if the block is cobblestone and will look within a 11 block height

Plot Tags

    Town staff can set tags on plots and search on them. This can be used for passing messages about a plot or possibly for marking plots for large projects or planning; "road plot", "Racetrack".
  • /plot tag - updates the tag for the plot you're on
  • /plot tag - if you don't put a tag then it clears the tag for you
  • /plot tagsearch This will return all plots in your town that contain the term. "Baryard" , "i live in barn" "BaRn" will all be returned if you search for "barn".
  • you can use compass navigation to guide you to a specific plot with the /plot navigate command.

Single Plot Settings

    Permissions for single plots.
  • To allow or deny mob spawning on a plot: /plot set mob-spawning [Allow/Deny]. Only town staff can do that.
  • Use /plot set pvp [allow/deny] to set PvP on a plot. Only town staff can do that. This costs 2,000 Dei.

Town Plot Settings

    Permissions for all town plots at once.
  • To reset all plots in the town so they inherit the town's settings instead of having their own, type /town clearAllPlotPermissions. Only a mayor can do it.
  • For a town-wide setting for mob spawning use /town set mob-spawning.
  • Newly claimed plots will inherit mob spawn from town.

Bonus Plots

Towns can buy their own bonus plots by /t bonus [amount]. Up to 5 per day can be bought and it costs 500 dei per plot (plus the money for claiming them).

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