Town Commands For Residents

Town Commands

Use at your discretion. Some of these commands have costs (like claiming plots, etc).
  • List of all current towns: /town list
  • Information about your current town:/town info
  • Another town's information:/town info [Town-name]
  • To talk in the town chat:/tc [Message]
  • List of all town residents from your current town: /town info -o
  • List of all residents from another town: /town info [town-name] -o
  • This will teleport you to your current town's spawn: /town spawn
  • This will teleport you to another town's spawn: /town spawn [Town-name]
  • To leave your town: /town leave
    You will have no access to your plot after leaving your town.
  • To deposit Dei into your current town's bank: /town deposit [Dei-amount]
    Any Dei donated to start a town, or to the town by any person becomes property of the town. You do not have the right to ask for that money back.
  • A list of all the warps in your town: /town warp list. The list shows public/private warps divided by colours.
  • A list of all public warps will be shown by /t pwarp list.
  • This will teleport you to a town's warp: /town warp [Warp-name]
  • A list of all public warps in the specified town/town pwarp list [town-name]
  • This will teleport you to the specified public warp of the desired town /town pwarp [town-name] [Warp-name]

Plot Commands

  • To claim a plot for yourself, if it is set for-sale: /plot claim
  • To unclaim your plot on which you are standing: /plot unclaim (Assistants+ can do this command for every town plot)
  • To get info about the plot you're on, type /plot info. This command is open to everyone. It shows you the town, resident, pvp, mob spawning, for sale, price, permissions
  • To mark the borders of your plot with cobble, type /plot mark Only town staff and the owner of a plot can use this command. It will place 1 piece of cobblestone at each corner of the plot and they'll be at your current Y level. It will only place the cobblestone if the destination is an Air block, so that it wont disrupt your existing builds.
  • To unmark the edges use /plot unmark. Same as /plot mark for the most part. It will remove the markers if the block is cobblestone and within a 11 block height.
  • If a player is on your plot you can kick him out with /plot eject [player-name]. The player will not be able to enter your plot again until a server restart happens. You cannot eject server staff, town staff, or the king/queen.
    You can and will be punished if the server staff feels you're abusing any commands.

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