The Cleansing of the Caverns


At one time in the world of ImDeity, there were dark, damp caverns that would supplement the mining world. The immortal ImDeity knew this- and he also knew that the caverns were dangerous places to be, swarming with mobs. Even if you were on your guard, a creeper could end it for you. In addition to the ore-filled caverns, ravines cut through the surface of the world, a jagged line through the landscape, filled with monsters and minerals. Lava was yet another danger, for if you weren't careful, you could find yourself dying in an excruciating burning pain, with no hope of recovering the items that were lost. In some caverns or ravines were dungeons, where more mobs spawned and death was imminent. But for those who survived the challenges, a great reward awaited. For the adventurers that could light the dungeon before the icy grip of death grabbed hold of them, the dungeon held great potential. Once the dungeon was lit up, the spawning of mobs could be controlled, and the adventurers could become extremely powerful and rich. They could learn from their experiences with the monsters of the dungeon and could use the experience that they gained to enchant weapons, armor, and tools. These tools could either be used to make the adventurer powerful beyond reason or to sell to other people to make the adventurer rich. Because of these enchantments, grass could be spread very easily, and stone did not need to be gotten by smelting cobblestone, because repairing the tool was easy with the experience gained by slaying the hordes of mobs.

Zero Day

The Great Smcallah had always thought farming mob spawners was not ideal. It was not dangerous if done correctly, and instead of the mining world being the MINING world, it was the experience world. Smcallah disliked the lazy experience "farming" idea, because it made the honest, hardworking experience earners lose their credibility. Smcallah finally decided that something had to be done. The only way Smcallah found to remove this cheap source of experience was to remove dungeons completely. This was a drastic change, but in Smcallah's mind, a necessary one. However, Smcallah was always a firm believer in overkill, and decided that many of the dangers of the mining world could also be removed. Ravines, caverns, lava lakes- they all had to disappear. After much pondering, he decided that he could not simply remove the legacy of these great caverns, so he left small underground lakes as a tribute to the grand caverns that once were.

A Hole in the Plan

Before he put his plan into action, Smcallah realized that he had a problem. The core block of dungeons, Mossy Cobblestone, would have to be available for people to acquire. He asked the Immortal ImDeity for a solution. ImDeity decided that the block should be available just like ores, and not like the items only able to be bought in his very own DeityShop. Smcallah was not the only believer in overkill, however. The Immortal ImDeity decided to use this tactic on other blocks. Sponges, quartz, chiseled stone brick- they all filled the mining world. The new blocks made the world a better place, and people could build with the blocks they had longed for so long to have in higher quantities.


There was a variety of reactions to this major change. Some were happy for the lack of danger, some were sad for the lack of cheap experience. Smcallah remained firm- the mining world would not change any more. The Immortal ImDeity was very interested in this new change, and what it might lead to. What that is exactly, we have yet to see, but we can expect a world that is different, a better world...

(Story by Typodestoyer, 2nd place in "The WikiTales Contest" 2013)

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