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ImDeity Kingdoms offers 3 unique player class types, each one with their own set of perks and skills, designed to work in cooperation with each other. Each class is divided into 3 ranks, the more you advance in that class, the more perks that are enabled. Visit each class's individual page for detailed information on perks and class application requirements. Classes are:

Player Classes Description:

Craftsmen are the soul of a town's constructions and development. Being the only ones able to create redstone contraptions, enchant tools, brew potions and place water, villages without them would suffer from dry farms, low-end (slow progress) tools and more.

Depends on: Nobles for town advancement, Merchants for quick/efficient commercialization of items/resources.
Recommended for: Builders, players with good understanding of Minecraft's potion and enchanting system; redstone engineers.

Merchants are the men and women who keep the economy wheel spinning. Perks include item auctioning, the ability to buy a /mall shop stall and extra slots for horse trading at the /horsemarket. Without them, finding that item you need right now would be a long boring quest.

Depends on: Nobles for town advancement, Craftsman for special merchandise and tools for stock gathering.
Recommended for: Dedicated players with skills on resource gathering and/or bartering, with basic economic understanding.

Nobles are the masterminds behind each town. Though anyone can create a town, only Nobles have the power to upgrade their Village to a Town and further. They are the only class that has access to log-tools, which allows them to identify robbers and griefers, and also are paid hourly salaries for their work. Without Nobles to fund towns, players would roam nomadic across the land or live in small organised societies.

Depends on: Craftsman for important/special constructions, Merchants to gather large amounts of resources and/or town financial maintenance.
Recommended for: Players part of town staff, Assistants, Sr. Assistants; Players ready to fund their own town.

Once you choose a class your rank is set to 0. Any perks from your class starts at rank 1.

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