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ImDeity has a number of different "channels" for communicating with other players. Each channel has a different use and purpose. All global channels are heavily moderated. You should follow the server rules with regards to the use of global chat channels. No spamming, cursing, capsing in any channel! The server language is English and it should be used in the forums as well as in all the server-wide chat channels. Use the local, town or private chat if you wish to talk to someone in a different language.

  • Global channel: /g : This channel is used to discuss and chat with other players about the server/events/ideas etc. It should be noted that you should not have personal conversation or 1 to 1 conversations here. Even though this channel is for server related subjects, things like Town Recruitment, Trade, PvP (this includes the DeityWar) should not be in Global -- these have their own chat channels.

  • PvP channel: /ch pvp : This channel is only visible to those on the PvP server.

  • Help channel: /h: The Help channel is for all game-play related questions regarding the server. It is strictly for help questions related to the server. Questions about how to make a certain item on the crafting table are NOT right for this channel. Any improper use of this channel may be punished by mute, jailing, ban or as the staff sees fit. The /h channel is for asking and answering  server related questions. When answering them you should be certain you are giving the other person proper information. If you do not have an answer for them, do not reply with something like "I don't know" or make jokes, as you are in no way contributing to an answer. With this being said, if someone asks what seems to be a simple question to you do not reply with "Are you stupid?" as you are breaking rules. Also Town Recruitment, Trade, PvP should not be on this channel -- these have their own chat channels.


  • Local channel: /l : In local chat you can conduct trade, recruitment, chat etc. However you should note that anyone within 100 blocks can hear your conversations. Remember that just because this is local chat it does not mean you can break the rules. You may use any language (not just English) in this channel as it is not server-wide.


  • Trade channel: /trade: The trade channel is specifically where you conduct server related player-to-player trade or any economy-related things. This includes items and/or services. Price requests also belong in this channel. Please note if no one wants to buy or sell, do not spam by repeating yourself multiple times instead wait and trade later on. Keep trade request messages no shorter than 5 minute intervals. Once contact with a potential buyer/seller has been made in the trade channel, you should take the rest of the conversation into local chat or private messages.


  • Recruit channel: /recruit: This channel is specifically for those who want to advertise their town. Towns are only regarded as towns once the first plot is claimed, so no recruiting for future towns here. A town recruitment message should not be sent at a shorter interval than 5 minutes. Once contact with a recruit/recruiter has been made in the recruit channel, take the rest of the conversation into local chat or private messages. To join a town, go to the Portal page and click the "Town" section.


  • Off-Topic channel: /ot: This channel is for anything in general that is not related to the server or anything you would like to chat about. Now even though this is the off-topic channel, all rules still apply to this channel.


  • Private messages: /tell [playername]: The tell or /tell is for private conversation between you and another person on the server. Although these conversations are private and are up to your and the other person's discretion, if the chat rules above are broken and it is found offensive to the other person, if reported (screenshots) there is a possibility that you will suffer the consequences as the staff sees fit. You may also use /mail to send a message to a player that is not online. The player will receive your message the next time he/she is online.


  • Town channel: /tc: The town chat is used to talk to all online members of the town you are part of. It is up to the town staff which rules apply here in the chat. However the server rules apply and if someone violates them and it is reported, a moderator or admin will take appropriate action.

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