The Big Bang

PART I: The "Birth"

There was a burst of massive light, as if the whole world had been set ablaze. No harm came from this, but from out of the ever fading shadows, an existence was being made. Climbing forth from the light came an entity. It was neither dead or alive, good or bad, or right or wrong. For the sake of this tale, we shall name this entity: ImDeity. Sprawled out before him laid an endless world filled with wonder, mystery, and above all, possibilities.

ImDeity spent much time, although nobody knows just how much, learning the ways of this new world that he had come into. He had explored vast plains, swam endless oceans, and battled countless hordes of creatures that came from the shadows. He had done all this, and so much more, and yet, there was an emptiness in him waiting to be filled. He was alone, and was well aware of his ever-growing wanting of companionship. Thus, with a new goal in mind, he set out to find an answer to end his loneliness.

His travels took him to places that even he had trouble believing existed. Above all other places, one held a significant discovery. Deep beneath the surface of the world, underneath much soil and stone, ImDeity had found what appeared to be a "door" of some kind. A frame as black as the darkness, his "birthing light" had abolished from the world. A strange glowing essence spilled out from it and ImDeity had the uncontrollable urge to see what laid beyond. He decided ages ago that his existence was futile without any companions and had threw away any attachments he might have made to this world. With this determination in mind, ImDeity boldly stepped through the "door" and felt his presence being warped to places unknown...

PART II: A New Hope?

A dark and mostly empty space, where the only light came from streams of liquid fire that burned to cinders whatever unfortunate thing crossed its path. The creatures in this place have adapted to the darkness, and the heat of the liquid fire, and have learned to strive in response. Though the heat may not be harmful to them, the "god" of this plane is, for he has complete control over the life and death of things. Forever alone, he was born in a burning explosion. The result of his birth? A completely devastated world where fire was the only presence that stayed "alive" longer than one of this "god's" breath.

He was a curious and inquisitive entity that came up with many ways to test his limits. He did not burn, nor did he feel pain from the liquid fire. The creatures that inhabited this place had learned fairly quickly that aggression towards him would not be tolerated. His entire aura was that of death for anything that wandered too far into his sight. Knowing all this did little to calm his appetite for knowledge. He knew that there was something more to this place, and he was going to find out at any cost. He had traversed a somewhat large portion of his domain, but he knew it still held secrets from him.

PART III: An Unexpected Turn

His body, never knowing pain, suddenly felt drained and completely useless to him. Struggling to get to his feet, ImDeity found himself in a strange new place. A "door", not unlike the one that brought him to this realm, stood behind him, as if it stood there since forever ago. Unlike his world, where his "birth" had spread light over the surface, this place was dark..foreign..dangerous even. He noticed streams of liquid fire falling from unimaginable heights in this place, but something was wrong. He had noticed this substance in his world as well, which he had called lava, but only in the incredible depths of the earth. He saw strange creatures, completely different from his world's, that swarmed not only the surface, but the air as well.

Curious as he was, he explored the surrounding area while pondering how this place came to be in such a state. No sooner than he was losing himself in his thinking, a floating beast came within eyesight. It was incredibly large, and possessed a body as pale as the cold, unmoving liquid (which he called ice) in his world. Somewhat fascinated by this turn of events, he began to draw closer to the creature. ImDeity had not realized soon enough that this was a terrible decision. As he drew ever closer, the creature let out a shriek and blasted out a ball of fire from it's mouth. This was the first time he had experienced the emotion called 'fear'. This realm seemed to drain him of his usual super abilities, and with his body in his current condition, he was terrified of the unknown as he ran from the strange creature's attack.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity to ImDeity, he had lost the creature. It was an existence-changing experience for him, as he noticed while he was running, that the creature's projectiles caused massive amounts of damage to the surrounding environment. Should he have had his "normal" strength, he could have made short work of the flying terror. However, his body was all but useless in this place. Feeling confused in this strange realm, while being exceedingly careful of his surroundings, he pushed onwards through the burning wasteland unaware of what lie in waiting.

Part IV: The Powers Meet!

ImDeity had continued his struggle in this foreign place, keeping only his desire to stay alive close at hand. This world was not his, but over time, he had noticed the workings of another. After all the time in which he had been alone, to find another presence seemed little more than a dream, but there was definitive proof before him. Someone...something..knew how to survive in this place and ImDeity was willing to push his exhausted self for even a glimpse of salvation from the harsh realities of this plane.

Meanwhile, closer than one might think, the "god" of this realm had sensed a presence growing closer. Puzzled, as he had not felt such a presence before, he gave in to his curiousity. From atop a burning pile of land, he set out in the direction in which he sensed this new life. It was not easy to survive here, nor was it easy for him to become the "god" of this world. Nevertheless, if one could survive this long in this world, he had a desire to meet who or what it was. With unyielding determination, the "god" continued his search for his new obsession.

ImDeity, feeling the weakness in his self more than ever, could barely move. Straining his body to its limits had its costs, and he was paying for them dearly. The heat of the liquid fire pierced his skin and his entire body burned with agony. Was this what his determination to live amounted to? Lying in this cursed place, waiting for his existence to come to an end. The pain of this thought rivaled that of his body. Try though he might, he could not overcome the weight of his stress. As the light slowly started to fade from his eyes, the only thing that could be heard was the crackling of fire...and the steps of someone unknown.

Part V: The Partnership

He had spent a considerable amount of time looking for his presence. He searched without rest in every direction that was known to him. An unknown amount of time passed, and as the "god" was nearing aggravation at himself for wanting to find this presence, he had found his answer. Lying still on the surface of this world was another being, similar to him and completely different simultaneously. He saw certain features of himself, but even more so that he did not recognize. He had spent much time trying to find this entity, but in this condition, it would not be long until it's life slipped away. Feeling somewhat responsible as the ruler of this domain, he took upon himself, for the time being, the protection of this unknown thing.

The journey back to his dwelling took slightly longer, as he had unexpected weight with him. Ages past, and yet the entity he deemed as "strange", had not yet awakend. He had done his utmost to make sure his body stayed away from the unknown conditions of this world, but still nothing happened. Feeling restless, the "god" decided to let loose some of his power and transfer it to this thing. More time passed, and the continually restless presence of the "god" shifted many times. He was unsure of what to do. For the first time in his existence, he has acknowledged something else as an equal. Yet, to have it snatched away in such a fashion left a horrible feeling within his chest.

Wallowing in the storm of his emotions, the "god" vented his frustration on the surrounding landscape. With a cracking the likes of the world splitting, the "god" let loose a beam of rage upon this land... Gazing out at the massive destruction he had just dealt this world, it was then that he saw it..a "door" far off in the distance. Something completely unknown to him, and yet an incredible sense of longing had filled him. He now had suspicions of where the other presence came from. Knowing no other place than this realm, filled with fire and death, in which he tired of so much, he strode over to the unknown entity and casually lifted him. He was going to find a way out of this world, and this creature could help him do it.

With nothing but this weighing on the "god's " mind, he let himself be overcome with feelings of inspiration. Tossing the strange one on his shoulder, the "god" started towards the "door" that could lead to new meanings in his existence...

Part VI: A New Day

ImDeity, still unconscious, yet somehow aware of the outside world, had seen what had been done by the stranger during the span of unknown time in which he lied dormant. He had seen the strangers feelings, the curiousity in meeting a new presence, and the determination to protect something. Above all though, he saw the stranger's power. In his world, ImDeity had power as such, but in this parallel world, that was just an age that had long since past. He did not know where he was, but only that he was being carried to some place. The stranger knew this world much better than him, and knowledge is the difference between life or death.

In the eyes of the "god", this world had little to offer. Constant death for the creatures that inhabited this plane, feelings of loneliness, and the wondering of "better things". That was his determination. That was his goal. It was within his reach. Standing before him was the "door" to some unknown place. A place of mystery, a place of light..a place of change. The "god" stared at ImDeity for a moment, and then glanced back at the "door". He was grateful for this creature. He had saved him from depression and rescued him from feelings of loneliness. Feeling a strange sense of fulfillment in helping the strange one get to the "door", he lifted him and pressed onwards into the gateway.

Part VII: The Kingdom!

Space warped, and time was lost. The "god" was no longer. He felt his body powerless for the first time. This new world..was strange. The only thing that pressed on his mind more...was that the strange one was awake now. ImDeity had suddenly opened his eyes as the feeling of his power rushed back to him. He could feel his body return to it's normal state, but something was different. The power the stranger had given to him was still there, but for some reason unusable. The stranger appeared to be in the same situation as ImDeity was in his world. He seemed completely helpless.

Thankful for the help in being rescued from the hell he had been through, ImDeity helped this stranger back to the surface of his world. Still wondering about the traces of the stranger's power, he began helping him learn the ways of this world. The "used-to-be god" grasped things quickly and it was considerably less dangerous in ImDeity's world than in the stranger's, although still dangerous. Guilt had been pressing on ImDeity's conscience, as having the power he had didn't seem fair to the far-fallen "god". Using his power, he drew out all of the stranger's power..and mixed it with his own. Feeling so much power rush through him, ImDeity almost collapsed, but maintained his composure. The "god", feeling less than powerless now, wondered what ImDeity had done. Why had he stolen his remaining strength? Why did he choose to abondon him after all this time teaching him the ways of his world?

The questions kept flowing in the "god's" mind, but no answers appeared. ImDeity, still surging with two gods' worth of power, split it into two halves. Each half contained a portion of each entity's power. ImDeity, afraid of what would happen if it was rushed, carefully placed the energy inside of the stranger. The "god" had returned. He now understood what ImDeity had done. He understood his feelings. He understood everything. They were more alike than what he had first thought. ImDeity had chosen to split their power, to make them equal, and to have no more feelings of loneliness. The two entitities were perfectly clear on what the other was and how they thought.

ImDeity and the "god", now known as vanZeben, wandered through the world and had many adventures. Time passed in ways that only these two powers could understand, but they did not worry, for they had found a companion in each other. The two entities decided to build a home for themselves, but also for others. If they had found each other, then there must surely be others out there. They both felt determined to find the presence of others, but there must be a place for them to come to they both thought. They created a glorious castle, settled in the place in which ImDeity was "born". The two "gods" released their power around the castle, creating a safe haven for not only them, but for any others that might come. They searched the world of ImDeity, and now possessing each other's power, also searched vanZeben's world. Their intuition was correct. They had found other entities. This continued on for countless ages. They have been searching, even up to this day, for more entities to join their search. To be their companions. To be part of the Kingdom.

(Story by timmehboi, Winner of April's "Imdeity's Scribbling Wars" 2012)

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