A beginning of Imdeity Kingdoms

Once upon a time, there was a man called ImDeity who set sail on a journey with his crew members called Gwenhywar, Leviathan_Ziz, smcallah, xSock, and Vershye on a wooden ship.

They all had a great laugh and had a lot of fun sailing around the world, exploring new places, until one night there was a massive thunderstorm with huge waves. ImDeity woke up the crew and told them to get into positions to control the boat. Water was splashing everywhere on the boat, soaking all the crew, but they still carried on working; trying to get through the thunder and waves. A bit later on, the lightening hit the middle sail of the ship and it caught fire. Everyone panicked and didn't know what to do. Leviathan_Ziz and xSock both tried to pour buckets of water on the fire, but it wasn't working and with a bang the sail pole broke in half. It came falling down, lit with fire, and hit the rear part of the front of the ship. Smcallah, who was navigating the ship, could not see what happened due to the darkness so he carried on going. Gwenhywar ran and jumped off the ship with panic. Vershye worried about ImDeity in his cabin and tried to run into it. Leviathan_Ziz and xSock vanished suddenly from everyones sight, after trying to put the fire out. Vershye eventually got into the cabin and warned ImDeity. When Vershye tried to get out of the cabin again, the door seemed to be stuck. They both screamed for help. Smcallah was puzzled about what is going on, but he did not want to leave the wheel unattended. He kept hearing screams and went down the stairs until he finally saw the fire slowly spreading towards the back of the ship whilst the ship was still sailing.

Smcallah got a shocked look on his face. He looked at the cabin door and saw that wood had fallen down and locked the door shut. He threw the wood that was in the way, as fast as he could, before the fire got to the back of the ship. However some of the wood was too heavy to lift. He looked behind him to see how big the fire was and *BANG* fire spits right into his leg. Smcallah screamed of pain.

In the meantime, Vershye and Imdeity got more worried. They felt the hot air burning their skin, as they started coughing with smoke. Vershye grabbed a chair and smashed a window. ImDeity, who had been locked in the cabin too long, could hardly walk and was close to fainting. Vershye got him on his back and jumped out the window into the water, as fire came bursting through the door and walls.

The cold water snapped ImDeity back his senses, and they both swam away from the ship, looking behind to see the full ship on fire. They could not see anyone else around and they both felt they are the only ones that survived, rescuing themselves on a wooden plank that floated by.

The next morning ,they both woke up almost starving from the fight for their lives in the last hours. As their hopes of rescue got less and less, they saw an island ahead. They both used their hands to push the wooden plank towards the island. Of course, they first searched for food and wood to make a shelter and a fire. Afterwards, they both relaxed at their crafted shelter and enjoy food they collected, like apples, bananas and more.

On the second day on the island, they both admitted to themselves that everyone else was dead. Theydecided to carry on in their names and go explore the island. A bit later, they see something moving in the bushes and trees, they both grabbed a piece of wood off the ground for protection. They both shouted "Come out whatever you are!". A redheaded girl jumped out of the trees, landed on ImDeity, and tripped up Vershye, until she recognized them. Gwenhywar was as shocked and excited that they were both alive, as they were. She pulled them both up, and they hugged each other. As Deity startedd to tell Gwenhywar carefully about the death of their friends, she stopped him. XSock and Leviathan_Ziz were washed off the ship by a huge wave, and they waited for her in a shelter, fully healthy. Smcallah had a wound on his leg, but he was fine over all. They picked up the others and headed back to the shelter, to improve it.

A couple of days later, they decided they wanted to live there forever. They called it Imdeity Kingdoms. Eventually, they made a nice cozy wooden village and some small sailing boats.

Many weeks flew by, people heard of Imdeity Kingdoms and started moving there. Imdeity Kingdoms kept growing and growing. People enjoyed their lives in the village.

A couple of years later, Imdeity became a huge popular medieval Village with many residents. Since the village was getting over full with residents, they decided to build more villages in the Kingdom. Some of the villages were called Gaia, Stalingrad, Orange, and many more. Imdeity Kingdoms grew more and more, and they all lived happy ever after.

(Story by Gawkan, 4th place in "The WikiTales Contest" 2013)

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