Arwenden - Fair Queen of the Fairies

"Goodbye, friends!" Arwenden said, waving at her friends as they left her house.
"Arwenden!" a small voiced whispered.
"Who is it?" Arwenden said. looking around.
"It"s me, Wafflepuff!" said the small fairy behind the leaves.
"What is it, Wafflepuff? Arwenden asked, kneeling down to look at the fairy.
"Urgent matter. Follow me!" Wafflepuff exclaimed, disappearing into the leaves.
Arwenden crawled between the leaves. Unknown to other Deitians, Arwenden had always been a regular visitor to the Fairy Kingdom.

Wafflepuff and Arwenden made their way to the fairy castle. Inside, the atmosphere in the fairy king"s room was crowded and sad. Arwenden approached the weak king, who coughed violently in his bed. "Is everything alright, King Smokeyapple?" The king smiled weakly.
"Arwenden. I think"" he paused to cough a few times before continuing. "I think my time has finally come."
"No"" Arwenden"s eyes watered. "What"what will happen to your people? Who will rule them?"
"Arwenden, I am aware of my lack of children. That is why after long thoughts and discussions, I have chosen you to be the new ruler of the fairies. Do you accept it?"
All eyes were on Arwenden. "Time to make a decision, Sweetie." Said the female fairy called Shyberry.
Wafflepuff placed a hand on Arwenden"s shoulder. "Just so you know, all the fairies in the land are willing to have you as their new leader."
Arwenden thought hard before replying. "Alright, I, Arwenden the Deitian, agree to be ruler of the fairies."

The next day, all of the fairies of the land gathered in the fairy throne.
Arwenden kneeled before the head fairy , as she was asked several questions. "Do you, Arwenden, promise to uphold all that is sparkly and sweet? Do you promise to shower the fairy people with love, kindness and gifts?"
Arwenden calmly nodded. "Yes, I promise."
"Then, I hereby pronounce Arwenden our new queen, as the Fair Queen of the Fairies," announced the head fairy lord.
"Wait! She needs a fairy name!" someone shouted.
"Oh"er, well"" the head fairy lady mumbled scratching her head.
"How about Tinkerbell? I think Tinkerbell is a nice name and well suited for Arwenden," Wafflepuff shouted. Everyone nodded in agreement.
"Then rise, Fair Queen Tinkerbell of the Fairies." the head fairy lady said. Everyone cheered and hoped for long rule of Queen Arwenden/Tinkerbell.

Queen Arwenden ruled the fairies with kindness and righteousness, all the while keeping it a secret from her fellow Deitians. So be careful to all who read this, because if you make Arwenden mad, she has the magic to turn your nose as big as a villager"s!

(Story by eriqmerc, thanks for writing!)

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