Event Arenas

Oval Arena

This arena is just a simple oval, where you quickly kill your opponent. You will need to be fast in order to survive this first round. Nothing special about this arena, so be on your toes!

Orange Bowl

This island themed arena is sure to stir some trouble. With most of the arena in the ocean, only small islands will keep you alive. Falling into the water could mean death, as it is hard to move around in. Use your bow and axe to the best of your abilities to win the match!


Designed after the post apocalyptic ImDeity Capital - This is all that remains of the beautiful city and it is your job to defend it from your enemies! Save this last piece of great history from the clutches of evil! - Excerpt from Deitian History; by Vershye Circa ~3274

Lava Works

Things are going to heat up in the lava works! In this arena, one can simply knock their opponent into the lava if they are skilled enough. Don't get too close to the lava, or that will be the end of you! You are given a healing potion, so use it wisely.

Deity Dome

It all comes down to this. You versus 2-3 other players; winner is crowned champion. Themes change so you don't know whats going to be stopping you.

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