Animals in the Kingdoms

All tamed animals in the Kingdoms are protected. They cannot be killed by anyone else but the owner and will not despawn, however untamed animals will despawn. Tameable animals without an owner can be killed, even if they are on a protected plot. No massive animal farms, as this can cause server lag. Mobs exponentially increase the strain on the server, and admins will kill off anything that strains the server without warning. Animals can not be unhitched by anyone else from posts and you can not access horse inventories.

There is not much to say about cats and dogs, but horses are special and therefore the next section is completely about horses.


People on your friends lists can ride your horses anywhere.
  • All commands are under /horse
  • Made it free to use /horse assign with anyone in your town
  • The type of horse is now displayed in the results on /horse list
  • /horse info shows the owner, speed, health, jumping
  • /horse assign newPlayer changes the owner of the horse to a new user, player that's receiving the horse must be online, kicks former owner off horse
  • /horse release sets horse as untamed so it can be tamed again or despawned drops all items that were on horse, kicks former owner off horse
Must be on a horse to do any of the commands

You can:
  • ride/mount/inventory any horse on unclaimed ground
  • ride/mount/inventory any horse on your own property
  • ride/mount/inventory any horse on property where you have USE permissions
  • ride/mount/inventory your own horse on land where you do not have USE permissions
  • ride a horse you didnt tame on plots where you do not have USE permissions (so long as you were already on it. If you get off on private land you wont be able to get back on the horse unless you own it)
  • Players can now ride protected horses if the owner of the horse has them marked as a Friend
You cannot:
  • mount a horse where you don't have USE permissions (unless you tamed the horse)
  • look at inventory of a horse where you do not have USE permissions (unless you tamed the horse)
  • unhitch a horse from a post where you do not have USE permissions (unless you tamed the horse)
  • hurt a horse that is owned by another player unless you have USE access to the plot where the horse is standing and the plot is owned by a town. This means you can now ride your horse to the wilderness without fear of a player killing it. You are still vulnerable to mob attacks, lava, drowning, etc.

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