ImDeity Special Recipes: Blocks and Items

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These recipes can be crafted on a crafting table or directly from player inventory. Ingredients must be placed in the exact shape pictured, except when stated otherwise.

Written in blue are ingredients that must be crafted through a special recipe. The recipe that requires them will not work unless the ingredient items have the required name and lore.

Items with special names or lore will lose them if taken to the mining world. The same will happen to items auctioned through the Portal or placed (for blocks).

*After arranging the items in the correct position, it may take a few moments before the result item appears.

Black Dye (Shapeless):

-Cactus Green
-Lapis Lazuli
-Orange Dye
-Cocoa Bean

Blaze Powder:

-Redstone Dust

Blaze Rod:

-Lava Bucket

Bottle o' Enchanting:

-Eye of Ender

*64 Exp points are used to craft this (More info on Exp Points here)


-Ender Pearl

Ghast Tear:

-Water Bucket
-Milk Bucket
-Lava Bucket


-Clown Fish

Player Head (Your Own):

-Diamond Block;
-Emerald Block.

Creeper Head:


Skeleton Head:


Zombie Head:

-Rotten Flesh

Name Tag:


Nether Star:

-Emerald Block

Nether Star (Alternative Recipe):

-Dazzling Diamond
-Effervescent Emerald


-Rotten Flesh

Prismarine Crystals:

-Glowstone Dust

Prismarine Shard (Shapeless):

-Lapiz Lazuli
-Lime Dye

Quartz Ore:

-Iron Ingot


-Snow Ball
-Brown Mushroom
-Red Mushroom


-Coarse Dirt


-Yellow Wool
-Red Wool
-Brown Wool


-Slime Ball

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