9 eyes

In October youngs go door to door,
Sweet candy is what they do it for.
But the older seek more of a thrill,
A test of courage, a ghost to kill.

It rises out of the mist,
How can such a thing exist?
Abandoned, yet evil stays,
It's beautiful walls amaze.

Doors slamming open when you step close,
When inside, they shut, your freedom goes.
Until your eyes adjust to the dark,
Enclosed in fear, your screams leave no mark.

A dark presence passes through,
Not just your steps follow you.
The shiver runs down your spine,
A malice, that leaves no sign.

The victims seem to be a whole town,
Severed heads on spikes, blood dripping down.
Clean stripped skulls, no flesh has gone to waist,
With spider's silk victims are encased.

In darkness three eyes appear,
With a green glow they creep near.
Now three more eyes open wide,
And some more, now it's nine eyed.

This was the last moment of them all,
The spiders to feast, closer they crawl.
Nine eyed, ripping the flesh of the bones,
On halloween, these are the danger zones.

(Story by flint, 1st place in the Halloween Wiki Tales contest 2013)

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