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New Profile Posts

  1. TheGamerGeek
    I haven't visited this site nor server in 4 years...
  2. Zone
    hello friends
  3. iSquared
    Wondering if any of the other Dutch players still visit this forum (:
    1. Arwenden likes this.
    2. Arwenden
      November 27, 2019
  4. Viaire
  5. xTylan
    xTylan tran052699
    TRAN :) Hope you're well
  6. AlmightyCobra
  7. Kruzzee
  8. Savie2424
    As of today I've been with this server for six years, who would've thought I'd have stayed this long? I might need to make a post now ^~^
  9. TehNoobPwnzor
    Big ol' pile of them bones
  10. LordRafiel
    8 years, huh? It's crazy to think a lot of people here joined as young teenagers and are now bonafide adults, myself included.
  11. heinz_gruber
  12. Hallideadly
    cool kids club - can i come.
  13. eriqmerc
    Everyone's talking about being here for 8 years but I've only been here for 7 years. Can I still be in the cool kids club? Uguu kawaii desu~
    1. iSquared
      Absolutely.. not!
      Kidding haha
      August 19, 2019
  14. xdysfunkx
    Crazy to think I've been here over 8 years.
    1. xTylan and thecrazyman11 like this.
  15. obfalcons
  16. thecrazyman11
    Where the hell everyone go
    1. iSquared
      July 16, 2019
    2. asdfjkll
      College and a GIS research student job. Also been playing 1.14 vanilla with friends. Recently reunited with one of the original Doha Department of Main Roads roadworkers from back in the day, heh.
      August 28, 2019
  17. FaTd33r
    Oh, hey
    1. iSquared
      July 2, 2019
  18. FrauMedic
    hi i can't believe its been eight years also my new username is kmcallah
    1. BarryX15 likes this.
  19. iSquared
    Today, 8 years ago, I joined the ImDeity community. Still happy to be part of the community :) ~Panda
    1. BarryX15, thejacoborg and eltono999 like this.
  20. RyanRugenus
    8 Years and Runnin’
    1. JWCuber likes this.