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New Profile Posts

  1. thejacoborg
  2. SonnyBassPlayer
    Wow, SIX years? So much has changed I could bet I'm someone else.
    1. Savie2424
      Congrats Sonny!!! Been a while since we've seen you, hope you've been having an amazing life!! ^-^
      December 10, 2018 at 10:31 AM
      JWCuber and SonnyBassPlayer like this.
    2. SonnyBassPlayer
      It's been some bitter years eheh
      December 12, 2018 at 4:36 AM
      JWCuber likes this.
  3. dannyotis13
    Discord - Wonder#7262 Snapchat - thewonderchildd (Message me)
  4. Koolstir
    Koolstir scoutdog75
    hello im here to confirm that you indeed still luv me
    1. BarryX15 likes this.
  5. iSquared
    1. BarryX15 likes this.
  6. WolfAurora
    I iz bAcK
    1. Savie2424 and JWCuber like this.
    2. JWCuber
      Welcome back!
      November 14, 2018
  7. WolfAurora
  8. Gawkan
    It amazing this server have been around for over 7 years and is still running today! Also it nice to still receive a trophy for 7 years!
  9. AlmightyCobra
  10. dannyotis13
    //October 16th// 6 Years - Thank you <3 //
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    2. View previous comments...
    3. dannyotis13
      Come hang with me in my discord sometime! :D You have the link!
      October 23, 2018
      Savie2424 likes this.
    4. Gawkan
      Late congrats Danny!!! It was so great to have tons of fun together hanging with you too, for some of those years! I won't ever forget the good times! :-D
      November 13, 2018
      dannyotis13 likes this.
    5. dannyotis13
      Message me sometime Gawkan! :D My discord is on the post above
      December 9, 2018 at 2:05 PM
  11. Savie2424
    It's been five years for me yall, cant believe I've done it
    1. Gawkan, thejacoborg and tOPIV like this.
    2. Gawkan
      Late congratulations!! We and everyone had some good times over the years!
      November 13, 2018
      Savie2424 likes this.
  12. X920MikeyB
    I'm now a YouTuber ! :) Yay ! - Randem Gamor
    1. Gawkan
      You serious? Are you Randem Gamor???? If you are, what a coincidence...I saw your comment on Unspeakable channel and watched your video 1 kill = 1 donation from Unspeakable this morning and then I come on Imdeity after not been on here ages to see this! Hahaha!
      November 13, 2018
    2. Gawkan
      Also it nice to see a true Imdeity veteran still pop back here after doing so well on Youtube the past five years! Keep it up with everything!
      November 13, 2018
  13. totalmoobs
    totalmoobs Mojinax
    I love you once again.
  14. Green_Man00
    Green_Man00 Savie2424
    Server does in fact seem dead. :( Where is everybody off to now?
    1. JWCuber likes this.
    2. Savie2424
      Welp, I'm still playing minecraft, specifically the Magic Farm 2 modpack, but others have just.. moved on to real life I guess
      October 8, 2018
      JWCuber likes this.
    3. JWCuber
      I haven't really moved on in real life. I've just been hustling irl and getting stuff done like getting my permit and getting my job. I will be grinding on here again soon.
      October 9, 2018
    4. asdfjkll
      For me I still play minecraft sometimes (mostly mod packs with Versh), but I've been doing a lot of things irl including my civil engineering degree and of course grinding the new Gen 4 in pokemon go. I also play Ingress and Fortnite on occasion.
      October 18, 2018
  15. Savie2424
    I think it's safe to say, that the server has died.
    1. tOPIV
      That's unfortunate. Maybe people will come on over Thanksgiving weekend? And maybe even more will come on over the holidays?
      October 1, 2018
      Savie2424 likes this.
    2. Mojinax
      Dead meme
      October 2, 2018
  16. TehNoobPwnzor
  17. SharpyArcher
    Top 10 saddest anime deaths
  18. Majora_Unmasked
    thinkin about thos beans
  19. maynardman123
  20. Savie2525
    Savie2525 Xeaus
    Hey my dude... Been a while since we've seen u, everything ok?
    1. Madison_105 likes this.