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New Profile Posts

  1. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y bran_bash
    Roast Session: I bet the only texan thing youre capable of doing is building a lego bull and riding it
  2. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y Xeaus
    Roast Session: No you TM
  3. MasahiroRina
    PoGo FC 7237 9998 8705
    1. MasahiroRina
      June 22, 2018 at 10:59 PM
  4. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y xKade
    Roast Session: hate to break it to you, but being obese and bulking isnt the same thing
  5. Xeaus
    "Derordis is a one man army against us. He may be the all-powerful god of war, but wars can be lost..." Part 8 comes out soon. It's back.
    1. Savie2424 likes this.
    2. Savie2424
      June 23, 2018 at 7:14 PM
  6. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y Zone
    Roast Session: Your fanfics are tame
  7. sunnydb0y
  8. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y heinz_gruber
    Roast Session: The cold always bothered you anyway
  9. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y Zeuqzalev
    Roast Session: about 2 tonnes
  10. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y Gawkan
    Roast Session: Brit scrub
  11. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y KiddieWish
    Roast Session: You still look like Leafy, where your chin boy!
  12. sunnydb0y
    sunnydb0y Driver_X
    Roast Session: You look like an unfit teenager in a futbol camp
    1. Driver_X
      You look like you can't look
      June 22, 2018 at 6:01 PM
  13. Savie2424
    Some days, you just need to listen and sing along to disney songs.
    1. tOPIV and Xeaus like this.
    2. Xeaus
      Yes, agreed.
      June 14, 2018
      Savie2424 likes this.
    3. Zone
  14. xdysfunkx
    Holy hell. 7 years on June 15th.... aka 2 days.... wadu hek
    1. MasahiroRina and BarryX15 like this.
  15. heinz_gruber
    So folks, anyone remember Doraatheexplorer? well, tomorrow is the big day where we finally meet irl. Wish us luck folks xD gonna be fabulous
    1. sunnydb0y
      finally catching the trend and using this dating website?
      June 9, 2018
      squeezal and Savie2424 like this.
  16. squeezal
    Thanks to the help of Bran and r4ge Caldera is out of debt. Sweet :) Thanks you two!
    1. MasahiroRina and Xeaus like this.
    2. Xeaus
      Another Success For The Kingdom of Araluen.
      June 8, 2018
      squeezal likes this.
  17. Raenova
    I'm back.
    1. sunnydb0y
      who are you?
      June 3, 2018
  18. MasahiroRina
    maybe i shouldn't bid on things from my phone >.<
    1. heinz_gruber and BarryX15 like this.
    2. squeezal
      Ouch! You'd better have some very good horses for those saddles, lol.
      May 22, 2018
    3. heinz_gruber
      were they made out of solid diamond?
      May 31, 2018
      MasahiroRina likes this.
  19. MasahiroRina
    time to repeatedly crash minecraft!!
  20. MasahiroRina
    making my first mod using mcreator, wish me luck
    1. tOPIV
      Good luck
      May 21, 2018
      MasahiroRina likes this.
    2. MasahiroRina
      thanks! it's not going very smoothly, looks like i have to add custom recipes to my custom crafting table using a unique procedure for the table. This program has a learning curve haha
      May 22, 2018