The Main, Mining, and Creative servers are now updated to support Minecraft 1.12 clients.

This was accomplished using a compatibility plugin as porting all the plugins would take too much time. Let me/staff know if you notice any issues. Read More ...

Minecraft Server Status

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Status Updates

MasahiroRina maybe i shouldn't bid on things from my phone >.< [5:39 pm]
Blackesy Glad to see the map works [8:08 am]
ImDeity Think I found the problem with the live map, its rendering now. Let me know if it hasn't updated 24 hours from this post. [2:19 am]
iSquared Started playing OS Runescape again. Who else? [5:55 am]
Savie2424 Bubbles are therapeutic. Dont believe me? Buy some and play with them lol [12:31 am]
BossCopter101 Re-doing the spawn in Eclipse if anyone wants to come help out and throw around some ideas that would be great! [10:30 pm]
totalmoobs So still no further forward with my health issues. Gotta take the good with the bad and I'm delighted to announce ive lost 70pounds! [11:35 pm]
Driver_X Is the live map dead or just taking really long to update? I need to see how insignificantly small my work is from space ples [3:23 am]
Zone hope peoples lives have been good [6:28 pm]
Xeaus "They judge me like a picture book by the colors, like they forgot to read." -Lana Del Rey [1:15 am]
Majora_Unmasked can laborers no longer place hoppers? [5:31 am]