The front page "news" was a bit overdue for an update so I'll use this opportunity to let you all know that the Main/Mine/Creative/PvP/Hub (and [nine]) servers are all updated to support Minecraft 1.11.2 clients.

This was accomplished using a compatibility plugin as porting all the plugins would take too much time. Let me/staff know if you notice any issues. Read More ...

Minecraft Server Status

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Status Updates

TehNoobPwnzor Mmmmmmm [1:48 pm]
Xeaus Sometimes we lose something we never thought we'd ever have, but I refuse to quit and fall. Failure is not an option. I shall succeed. [1:50 am]
SharpyArcher Every shooting star is someone falling off Rainbow Road [4:01 pm]
RyanRugenus 6 years on forums <3 [2:35 pm]
cal34982 Been a new pc and thinking i may hop on again if theres some peeps around still :D [3:50 am]
ImDeity Looks like Gwenhywar (Head mod) account was hacked and used to delete threads. I'll be restoring those from backup soon [5:54 pm]
ASDF_Gamer_Girl Haven't been on this server in a while. Just realized my profile said I was male. xD Whoops. [5:49 am]
arkon204 where my gyaldem at im looking at you ponpon if you know you know [11:59 pm]
HaydoJ How's everyone going? Miss you all, hopefully we will return together [5:50 am]
bluehousekatie I'm glad as we all grow older, we still occasionally talk on forums to each other, thank god. [8:09 pm]
Savie2424 Missing old friends... If you were on way back in the day, and we haven't talked in a while, talk to meh! [3:22 am]
JWCuber If you guys want another DeityWar video, like this post, (10 likes) [12:47 am]