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Buying and Selling at Player Shops

Buying and Selling at Player Shops

Players with the Merchant class at rank 2 (Financier) and above have the ability to make shops - they can buy and sell items from their shop, even when they're offline.

Buying and Selling from Shops(top)

To switch between buy and sell modes you must set it to buy or sell. By default, you will be in buy mode.

To buy:

  1. Left click the sign of the item you wish to purchase
To sell:
  1. Right click the sign

Make sure you read both prices very carefully!

Creating a Player Shop(top)

Chest shops automatically send any money made and notify you on each sale. You will also receive messages when your store is out of stock.

  1. Place a chest, if you haven't already
  2. Place a sign above the chest.
  3. On the sign write:

    1st line: leave it blank
    2nd line: Quantity
    3rd line: B [price] : S [price]
    4th line: [item name or ID]

B is the price people buy things FROM YOU.

S is the price people sell things TO YOU.

Your name and the name of the item (if you supplied a correct ID) will be filled in automatically. Don't worry if your name doesn't fit completely!

If you want to sell or buy for no money; just type in "free" instead of price. (You can have no B or S, you don't need to have a colon then. You can also
just have [price for B] : [price for S], it will automatically fill the rest in for you.

  1. Here is the text you'd enter on a sign to make a shop that sells a stack (64) of stone for 10 coin and buys for 5:

    B 10 : S 5

You can find the Item ID number to place on the 4th line by holding the item in your hand and typing /iteminfo. This is very important for enchanted items, fireworks, and items with special properties as the item ID is unique for each.

Note: The player shops are taxed daily 8% of their profit. Shop owners receive a daily mail which tells them their profit, along with the amount that has been taxed.

March 1, 2014