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Joining a Town

Joining a Town

This is a tutorial to help you to join a town.

Why join a town?

Tired of being griefed all the time? Feeling lonely? Scared of being alone out there in the wilderness?

Join a town! It is the best way to enter the ImDeity community, and it gives you a lot of advantages!


  • You can get a protected plot where you can build your own house, and store your items. Without being griefed or stolen from! Now who does not want that?!
  • You can chat with your town members (using the town channel chat /tc [message]). Thus getting friends soon enough to play with!
  • When you join a town you can use /t spawn to get faster to your house! So /homes do not have to be used anymore! And you do not have to donate for more /homes!

  • And many more advantages!

    How to join a town!

    I will explain it in steps. If you already have a forum account you can skip to step 2.

    Step 1
    First you need to create a forum account, then be sure to activate it by clicking on the link you got in your e-mailbox.
    E-mail Conformation

    Step 2
    When you have a forum account you need to link it to your ingame account. This so the portal page can gain the player’s information from ingame. This can only be done once, and not be undone, unless by asking an admin. Go to: The ImDeity Portal Page. Then you will see this:
    Portal Confirmation

    Step 3
    If your activation is completed a message ingame announces it, as well as you can now see the full portal page! When that is the case you now can go to the town portal! (See image below)
    ImDeity Portal Page

    Step 4
    Now you can choose a town you like to join! In this interface you can see nice town banners, the mayors of the towns, resident amount and how much the taxes are (daily tax)! If you want to join a certain town click on the town name. This takes you to another page here are two buttons visible: Join [Townname] & Vote for [Townname].
    Click on the Join [Townname] button to send in an application.

    Step 5
    Now the waiting part comes. Only Mayors and Sr. Assistants can add you into a town. This may take a while. When you are allowed into a town you receive a mail, which you can check on the portal page or ingame using the /mail command. As well as a notification in the game chat saying that you joined a town!

    Step 6
    Now you are in the town, hurray! Go on and start to talk in the townchat (/tc [message]), and use the command /t spawn to get to your town. From here on the town has to guide you into the game.

    P.S. For all Server Commands look here.


    Here are some suggestions when it comes to joining a town.
  • Be sure to check out the town topics before considering a town. Lots of basic information/pictures and other stuff is shown here.
  • You can also visit towns in game and get a tour by asking people from a certain town. It gives a good view of a town, so you can decide better whether to join a certain town when you do this.
  • Be sure to also check out the town portal page here. It gives you basic information about the towns. What the names of the towns are, how much votes they've gathered during the month, how many residents and how much the daily taxes are. You can also see the Sr. Assistants and Assistants of the towns.
  • February 19, 2013