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New Haven - A Candle in the Dark

Discussion in 'Towns / Kingdoms' started by StRumpterfrabble, January 10, 2015.

  1. StRumpterfrabble


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    August 30, 2014
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    In-Game Name:
    (Screenshots to follow)

    A Candle in the Dark, the Gravel City, the Plateau Polis, a Town on the Edge
    Founded - December 29th 2014

    Click here for LiveMap.

    New Haven is an idealised medieval-style town situated in the far south-western wilderness, close to the map edge, with the neighbouring ruins of Reutov to the south-east, Castle Nabradia close by & the submerged city of Lemuria to the north-west. The town is elevated upon a circular plateau, surrounded by various wild forests & harsh mountainous terrain.

    We are a proud member of the Amber Kingdom, the third largest on the server consisting of seven towns, with Annalora being our capital city.

    The town's main focus is roleplaying & will be structured around that as much as the server Classes allow. Farmer, Soldier, Crafter, Councillor, there are many roles to fill within the town. Use your imagination.

    Blazon (Town Banner) - Sable, a candle argent, sun Or in glory.

    Main Industries - Gravel Mining, Free Range Animal Husbandry (Pigs, Sheep, Rabbits), Quarrying, Ice Harvesting, Sustainable Dark Oak Logging

    Main Imports - Unrefined Ores, Fruit
    Main Exports - Textiles (Wool, Leather), Processed Meats (Pork, Lamb) Enchanted Items

    We are committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships with our fellow towns in the spirit of fraternity, whilst still striving to be the best we can be & having fun on the ImDeity server.

    Sister Cities
    (Click town name for LiveMap)

    Aerophyte - The Town of Aesthetics - Sophaea
    Aethon - The Blazing City (Ruins)
    Anavasi - The Ascending Village - LadyVictorious
    Atil - The Slumbering City - (Ruins)

    Carus - The Quartz Village - Womanlyman
    Tussilago - The Garden Village - Tufsla
    Utensil - - Stephspoon


    Respect - Appreciation & Consideration.
    Integrity - Honesty & Fairness.
    Pride - Effort.

    New Haven is governed by a Council, consisting of the Mayor & all Senior Town Staff. The Council makes decisions on Town Matters, including but not limited to;
    • Rules - Enforcement, Punishments, Amendments.
    • Directives - Plot & Road Expansion, Allocation of Resources for Town Projects.
    • Staff - Selection, Promotion, Assignment, Discipline.
    • Taxes - Adjustment, Enforcement, Allocation.
    • Diplomacy - Relations & Commerce with other Towns & Kingdoms.
    Patron of New Haven

    Mayor, First Councillor, High Chancellor
    Responsible for oversight of Diplomacy, Resources & Finances

    Senior Assistant, Councillor, Chief Geologist
    Responsible for Landscaping & Terraforming

    Senior Assistant, Councillor, Secretary of Residency
    Responsible for oversight of Town Residents

    Senior Assistant, Councillor, Secretary of Infrastructure
    Responsible for oversight of Town Projects and Buildings

    Honorary Town Assistant, Annalora Ambassador
    Motivates the Mayor to do stuff and things.

    Honorary Town Assistant, Doha Ambassador
    Assists the Mayor.


    We need rules to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, understands what is expected of them, & knows what is appropriate behaviour.

    1. Please follow the Server Rules as they always take priority over Town Rules.

    Any Griefing or Stealing can result in immediate Eviction from the town & possible confiscation of your belongings.

    2. Please let the Town Staff know if you are going to be inactive for longer than a week (7 days). If you are Inactive or Banned for longer than a month (30 days), you will be evicted from the town.

    If you are evicted for Inactivity, your belongings will be stored for the required 30 days, from that date. You will be sent mail to let you know to collect your belongings. If they are not collected within that time, they will be donated to the town.

    3. Please make sure you have enough dei (money) to pay your daily taxes. The town has to pay for each plot protected & taxes compensate for this. Failure to pay Town taxes may result in eviction.
    Current Daily Tax is 10 Dei
    Voting on the ImDeity website will give you 200 dei per day, more than enough to pay for your taxes. If you are having difficulty paying your taxes, speak to Town Staff.

    4. Please listen to the Town Staff. Repeated failure to comply with requests may result in eviction from the town.

    5. Please respect all players & their towns. Town & Player bashing is not permitted in any form.

    All Town Rules violations will be dealt with by the Council. Punishments can include, but are not limited to; Confiscation of Materials, Community Service, Expulsion from New Haven.

    Town Rules are subject to revision and you will be informed. They will be posted in the Town Hall main entry, easily accessible. Ignorance of Town Rules is not acceptable.

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  2. StRumpterfrabble


    • Sponsor
    August 30, 2014
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    In-Game Name:

    Due to an unfortunate town planning oversight, the Bank of New Haven has had to be wholly translocated 12 blocks to the north of its current position.
    This was done in a joint effort by the Office of the Mayor, the Guild of Craftsmen, the Enchanter's & Alchemist's Guild, and the New Haven Geological Society.

    Status - Closed

    Upon joining, every new resident will receive a Welcome Kit so as to get them better established. This is only valid the first time you join (Excepting Map Resets). It contains the following items:
    • 2 Diamond Swords
    • 2 Diamonds Pickaxes
    • 2 Diamond Axes
    • 2 Diamond Shovels
    • 2 Diamond Hoes
    • 32 Bread
    Recruitment Rules

    1. Never recruit someone from another town, nor encourage them to leave their town. You should let them approach you first.
    2. Make sure to use the correct Chat Channel. Recruiting belongs in /recruit.
    3. Get them to switch to /tell or /local once contact has been made.
    4. Make sure they understand both the Town and Server Rules.

    Recruitment Procedure

    1. Introduce yourself. Let the person know who you are and that you're from New Haven.
    2. Offer a tour of the town.


    The Council
    It is preferred that members of the Council be Nobles.

    The Guilds
    It is preferred that members of each respective Guild be a Craftsman.

    Council Guard
    Their role is to protect government buildings, including by not limited to; Town Hall, Council Chambers, Mayor's Office. Combat skills are essential.

    Town Watch
    They patrol the streets of New Haven, keeping public areas safe from threats such as Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Witches & Spiders. Combat skills are essential.

    Grey Watch
    They patrol the walls of New Haven, protecting us from external threats. Combat skills are essential.
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  3. StRumpterfrabble


    • Sponsor
    August 30, 2014
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    In-Game Name:

    All buildings are subject to review by Town Staff. Building outside your assigned plot on Town Property (within 300 blocks) without permission from Town Staff will result in immediate demolition.

    1. Please make sure your building meets the medieval aesthetic requirements of the town. If you are unsure, ask the Town Staff.

    2. Please build inside the border of your assigned 16x16 plot. You should not touch walls with neighbouring plots or exceed your plot border without permission from Town Staff.

    3. Please build under the town height restriction of 20 blocks. You may exceed this with permission from Town Staff.

    Any breach of the Building Regulations without permission from Town Staff may result in demolition of the build & a request to rebuild.


    Single Plot 14x14 - 500 dei.

    Two-Plot 30x14 - 1000 dei.

    Tri-Plot - Under discussion.

    Quad-Plot 30x30 - 5000 dei.
    A Quad-Plot is only available on request & with permission from the Mayor.

    Why is a Quad-Plot so expensive?
    A Quad-Plot is quite a large amount of space, so we would like to encourage people to make the best use of it. By making this type of plot so expensive, it becomes a status symbol, ensuring the person who owns it will take as much pride in their building as we do in ours. This price is non-negotiable.


    Current Project - Outer Walls

    Central District
    Town Commons & Main Fountain - Completed
    A place to relax and enjoy the open air.

    Town Farm & Arboretum - Under Construction
    Town Secure Storage - Completed

    Town Hall Building - Under Construction

    Council Chambers - Completed
    The oval shaped crimson room is where the Town Council makes their decisions.
    Administrative Wing - Under Construction

    New Haven Geological Society - TBA
    Bank of New Haven - Completed
    New Haven Mint - Completed
    Scriptorium & Library - TBA

    Temple of Light - TBA
    Refectory (Dining Hall) - TBA
    Temple Gardens - TBA

    The Undermarket - Under Construction
    A variety of shops with vending machines!

    Main Gate Stables - Under Construction
    The Exploding Creeper Inn - Under Construction

    Dwarven District
    Street of Smiths - TBA
    God of the Forge Statue - TBA
    The Great Forge - TBA

    Elven District
    Street of Sighs - TBA
    Goddess of Nature Statue - TBA
    The Great Tree - TBA

    Main Gate & Bridge - Under Construction
    Entrance Square - Under Construction
    Outer Walls - Under Construction
    New Haven Castle & Keep - TBA
    Last edited: May 30, 2016
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  4. SpacemanSpiff88


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    February 10, 2015
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    Well designed town thread! Town is making slow progress, but looks just as nice. :)
  5. Vershye


    • Senior Moderator
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    September 26, 2011
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    Hai!!! :p







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  6. btarb24


    • Developer
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    February 27, 2012
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    Haha, my beautiful lawn art will live forever via these wonderful screen captures :D
    Last edited by a moderator: June 4, 2016
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