After being on the current map for over 2 years now, the time has come for a world reset on the main (Kingdoms) server!

With the reset tomorrow (26th) done, we'll be updating the server software to Minecraft 1.8 with support for all newly introduced items and mobs. As you may have heard, this Minecraft update was the largest code change since it's creation and thus the server software itself also received a lot of plugin-breaking changes. I have patched most of our custom plugins to support the new changes but I expect there to be some unresolved bugs at launch that will be patched rapidly as they are discovered and reported.

The Kingdoms plugin itself has also been updated to introduce tiered towns. At launch, there will be 4 town tiers: Village, Town, City, and Metropolis. The new tiered system makes owning towns more affordable than ever with villages starting at just 15,000 coin (down from the current 50,000 Dei upfront) and pricing to upgrade to each tier costing between 15-25k.

Villages support upto 20 plots and 5 residents at 500 dei per plot and is ideal for a small group of players who wish to live together on protected land. Each town tier supports larger maximum resident counts (towns: upto 40 residents; cities: 100; metropolis: 100+). Each town tier upgrade also decreases the cost per plot (500 to 350 dei per plot) ... Read More ...

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