As of this month, the ImDeity Minecraft server is now 3 years old, making us one of the longest running Minecraft multiplayer servers ever!

Initially created as a Minecraft Classic server for my sister and I to build on together, random players started joining and building on the same server. It rapidly grew from there, and a forum was installed for users to share their builds with the community. Around March of 2011, we started a Minecraft Beta/survival server (what we now know as just Minecraft). Many of our Classic users joined us there and, with the help of dozens of volunteer staff over the last 3 years, the server grew and evolved to be the ImDeity Kingdoms server as it exists today.

As of today, I'm proud to report that 220,735 players have logged into our server, spending a total of 1,091,518 hours (45,479 days) in-game, and the community has made over 200,000 posts on our forum!

Gwenhywar, our head moderator, interviewed some of the first players to join us 3 years ago that are still playing today. Here is what they had to say:

Diddover, who was among the first 10 players on this server, states: "ImDeity actually was the first Minecraft server I ever went on. It was on the day I first found out about a cool game called 'Minecraft'. I made an ... Read More ...

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Lord_Aquarius I think people have been /pay Notch $$$ [8:54 am]
bruffin wanting to be mod [5:30 am]
melvin484 I think Matti just got banned for one of the first organised crimes in the history of the server :O [5:08 am]
bran_bash Getting tonsils removed tomorrow, infinite ice cream: Here I come! [2:49 am]
Gabygums1 How do i update my status? XD [12:43 am]
Hallideadly what old rock stars new songs should be about. [11:59 pm]
tran052699 "Time waits for no one." [11:13 pm]
FlashCrystal I'm at a concert :3 [10:55 pm]
Trekar_Sil People still don't understand the concept of privacy. Just because you can walk into someone's home doesn't mean you can take stuff. [9:12 pm]
Tallpines *See's mutti banned* *Die's of shock* [9:07 pm]
heinz_gruber Minecon is fast approaching. My costume/skin is not ready! And i am so busy i bet i will miss it :( [4:40 pm]
LordRafiel I'm only here to see how the story unfolds. Any self-respecting leading man would do the same. [11:39 am]