The front page "news" was a bit overdue for an update so I'll use this opportunity to let you all know that the Main/Mine/Creative/PvP/Hub (and [nine]) servers are all updated to support Minecraft 1.11.2 clients.

This was accomplished using a compatibility plugin as porting all the plugins would take too much time. Let me/staff know if you notice any issues. Read More ...

Minecraft Server Status

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Status Updates

Xeaus "Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize." [7:40 pm]
SHWatson Almost through Drivers ED. sad,m.frebhx,mc.kvjaios ldkvaoikc.n,vdc.osdlkfvjeorikxckvjkoj I SOMEHOW OFFSET MY CAPS LOCK BUTTON HELP ME PLEASE [2:02 am]
Savie2424 I'm freeeeee! (From school) and what a better way to kick off summer than with snow! :) (It's snowing. Literally) [4:30 am]
The_Yogs Those people who have been inactive for 3 years yet still remember to write a yearly anniversary post xD [9:03 pm]
totalmoobs Due to poor health over the last couple of years, I gained alot of weight. Started a diet today, so stay tuned for my weight loss journey :) [2:36 am]
squeezal I got minecraft working on a handheld laptop :) I can play from work now. You may be seeing a whole lot more of me! [7:11 pm]
CiljaW Hurra! *waves flag* Today is Norway's Constitution Day. [3:43 pm]
JWCuber I'm coming home on Friday. :) [7:46 pm]
SharpyArcher I am the senate. [9:44 pm]
JuanAdrian1079 I just realized how long it's been since the last time I was on... [5:06 am]
MasahiroRina Back in California. Cooler than I expected. [12:34 am]
Sapkins So Im stuck in Vanilla and none of the warps seem to be working for me... idk if its been awhile since ive played and I turned into a noob [6:37 pm]