The Main, Mining, and Creative servers are now updated to support Minecraft 1.12 clients.

This was accomplished using a compatibility plugin as porting all the plugins would take too much time. Let me/staff know if you notice any issues. Read More ...
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Minecraft Server Status

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JWCuber To all people I've met on ImDeity and also reacted horribly to, I am truly sorry for everything. [2:57 am]
Xeaus Congrats to Alysandra for founding Arandriel, I look forward to helping her as her right hand man. [2:15 am]
Arwenden I have been here for 6 years now, time really flies ~ Shout out to all who have made playing on the server so enjoyable. [11:39 pm]
Moonlamb 6 years ago I joined this server, started out some middle school kid and now I'm in the US Army, crazy how fast life changes. [2:47 am]
Savie2424 Hot diddly-darn, my four year anniversary was four days ago.. Wow, guess I gotta make a post now lol [9:34 pm]
SharpyArcher I got a girlfriend as a result of the homecoming date :p [2:21 pm]
xdysfunkx Crazy to think I joined this server since I was 12... [6:00 pm]
gpekic 5 years lul [5:22 pm]
craig2602 why have I been here for over 4 years, what is this [5:36 pm]
iSquared HEY [12:01 pm]
yetirulez Jeez, it's been years since I've seen this place. [2:52 am]
porterdog02 hey bois and girls :) [3:48 pm]