The ImDeity Server has had an extensive Wiki with helpful information about the server for years now. Over time, however, the Wiki became more cluttered with a lot of text and more difficult for new players to find information quickly. We have now completely redesigned and rewritten all the pages in the Wiki, and we have rebranded it as the ImDeity Guide.

The new Guide has a cleaner layout and significantly less text so new players and veterans alike can find the help they need quickly and easily. Common questions such as "How do I join the ImDeity server?" and "How do I join a town?" are answered in a much simpler fashion.

We also sorted the guide pages by the ImDeity servers: Main, Creative, PVP and FTB - there you find related information such as commands and rules. The main pages always gives a quickstart to those servers. Player contribution such as: Money making guides and ImDeity Tales are under the topic "Misc".

The ImDeity staff will continue work ... Read More ...

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